Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

  1. Leave bandage on for a few hours before removing...this allows the tattoo the bleed out without your lymph drying and scabbing.
  2. After leaving the Tattoo shop go buy Aquaphor, anti-bacterial liquid soap and non-scented lotion (we recommend Aveeno, Lubriderm, or Eucerin... we advise only high grade and non-scented lotions for the after Aquaphor portion of healing...Different lotions work differently on different people) need all these products before removing the bandage the first time...Aquaphor can be found in the lotion section of most drug stores...its made by Eucerin...This is the only healing ointment that we recommend...let it be known we do NOT advise or approve the use of any A & D, vaseline, tattoo goo, tat wax, H2 ocean, flim flam, snake oil, etc...
  3. When removing the bandage for the first time there will be blood, ink, and lymph (clear gelital excretion on your skin)...wash the tattooed area with warm water and anti-bacterial soap, preferably in the shower if not using a damp and fresh paper towel to help pull off all the lymph, excess ink, and blood...rinse this area for a few minutes with hand and anti-bacterial soap...This process pulls out all the elements that create thick scabs and will further the proper healing of your new tattoo.
  4. Let the tattooed area air dry wiping only the wet areas around the tattoo.
  5. Now apply a small dab of Aquaphor enough to cover the tattoo but not too thick that the tattoo can't breath, rub this dab in with your finger tips. It is key to only apply a thin layer of Aquaphor thick gooey films are not good.
  6. Each time you wash your Tattoo for the next 3 days (once the morning and once in the evening and the afternoon if possible) reapply this small dab of Aquaphor.
  7. Keep tattoo out of direct sunlight for the first few weeks. DO NOT touch the tattoo if you aren't cleaning or rubbing lotion on it. Try and keep as little clothing friction such as a sock, bra straps, belts, etc away from the tattoo.
  8. If your tattoo has any scabs DO NOT pick at them!! Your tattoo WILL itch like crazy, DO NOT scratch your tattoo!! DO NOT submerge your tattoo in bodies of water for the first 2 weeks (bathtubs, swimming, etc...) Showers are fine.
  9.  After the first 3 days you should switch from the Aquaphor to the recommended non-scented lotion. Always wash the tattoo before applying any lotion or Aquaphor.
  10. Taking care of your tattoo is fairly simple, keep it clean and keep it moist with lotion. The better you take care of your tattoo the better it will heal and look. If you have ANY questions on the care of your tattoo PLEASE don't hesitate to call and ask questions. EVERYONE has their 2 cents on how to take care of a tattoo but only your tattoo artist can properly guide you.